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I feel stressed with tasks piling up and hard decisions I have to make that I end up procrastinating and added to my to-do list, therefore making myself more stressed.

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On the plus side the pain of seeing all these tasks pile up can give me a lot of power if I decide to do something about it. It is proof of having a potential that's just waiting to be utilized.

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This is an opportunity for me to:

  • Explore different activities at the end of the day and find out which one de-stresses my body + mind the most
  • Learn more about GTD method (it's a way of organizing your tasks in such a way that you don't feel the stress and at the same time are able to complete all tasks)
  • Communicate with colleagues and find out how they're coping with the stress
  • To find a new hobby after working hours in the hopes that it's going to free up and soothe your mind
  • To sit down and re-evaluate what goals are really required and if possible discuss with your supervisor about whether you can prioritize the tasks because you have lots on your plate.
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