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GF (31yo) and I (30yo) are together for about 1y and a half. We spent every weekend together, and travel a lot in holidays (US, canada, Spain, etc.)

But we are living in a different city to each other, and she used to be a lone traveler (traveling alone, going to concert alone, etc.) she loves to do things alone.

And now, she don't want or have project (maybe for now) to move in together. That's kinda makes me really sad and feel bad I missed something or an hint I should have picked.

She is saying she is lost and don't have any answer to it, and she is afraid too.

But still, we are already planing our next vacations together. I know woman are complicated, but this... I don't get it, that's more complicate that I ever imagined.

(sorry for my bad English, not a native)

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