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For me, joy comes from feeling inspired. This can be spurred on by:

  • Making a playlist of songs I can jam to
  • Working out with a motivating friend
  • Talking to a family member about fun times from the past
  • Listening to podcasts or interviews of people I respect
  • Looking at inspiring art
  • Learning something new

Based on your name, I am gathering that you like reading. What is a good book you can recommend to others which has brought you joy previously?

~ Davis
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Try to find your way to feel epiphany. That feeling is best for evolution of human being. I prefer watch the Jason Silva on Youtube, he gets me inspired every time.

Here is the 'to do list' my offer ;

- Follow a few tv series to watch

- Pick a good diet for you , i think you absolutely have to try fasting(IF)

- Put your sleep on a routine, get a sleep of high quality

- Try to feel that there is no authority for your life, there is just happening what you do and feel, so dont waste your life with a feeling like someone can get involved in your life. They just trying and soon or late they will understand that they can not put their finger through your life.

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Not finding joy gives me motivation to read about it.

I wouldn't normally read a book but if I pick up something that talks about happiness then I'll be able to read it.

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Wanting something is a good first step towards finding it. If I want it, it means that sooner or later I'm going to do something to get it.

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I can't find joy in the things that I've tried. Which means that there's a lot of other things that I need to try before I find joy.

Perhaps, I can't find joy because of the ways I think. This is an opportunity for me to try cognitive behavior therapy or  journaling, or talk therapy, or reading, or some other way of changing my thinking process.

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Not finding any joy right now doesn't mean that I won't find it in the future either. Nothing is permanent.
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I can't find joy. But, on the plus side, I've been able to identify that I can't find joy and tag it as depression! That is progress already from where I started.

At this point I could read up for ways to conquer depression and keep trying out those ways.