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I can not react truly at that moment when someone talks to me a bit threatening politely or seriously.

I react not like myself, i react like i'm tryin to escape that moment and situation. 

When someone talks to me sarcastic, i pretend that i am not getting angry but i do and i'm getting sad. I think the right word is "evade". I'm evading.

Am i a looser?

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1 Answer

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If you reacted like yourself in such situation, what would you do?

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i would be really rude and bully and swear, because of that someone trying to be smart ass and giving advise to me with his little mind.
Yes i would be really angry as it appears in the comment.
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Ok. And if you were your perfect self, how would you like to react?
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i would answer extremely gentle and sarcastic way without allowing him to begin fight with me. i would like to make him regret to speak like that with a really gently and politely behaviour like a prophet. that's what my perfect self wants.
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