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I feel like my job maxes me out socially and emotionally. I do desire social interaction, but I don't know where to start to find it right now, nor do I have the energy to seek it out half the time. I have a history of awful anxiety that makes it easier to stay inside, as well.

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It is understandable and quite normal that a busy job and chronic anxiety should sap you off energy and motivation. The good news is you seem to be aware of some of the underlying causes which is more than half the battle. Perhaps life’s signs are nudging you to retreat and recharge opportunities will always be there.

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This was very reassuring. Thank you!
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Everything you want is achievable in life. Question is how badly you want it. Start doing these basics relentlessly and You will find answers Yourself.

1. Start a early morning routing. If difficult because of work schedule then start some routine where You wake up and do excercise atleast for 15mins.
2. Start Meditating. I understand its Cliche but just do it for 5 mins. I have been meditating for 2 years but still can't blank out for 5mins. But I agree what Sam Harris mentioned in one of the videos that Meditation is like exercise for the brain. Every time brain waivers and you try to come back to focus on breathing , it is same is one rep for your brain.
3. Eat Healthy. Avoid any junk.

As I mentioned earlier, it all depends on how badly you want to change your life. If it is important You will do above and You will see for yourself, Miraculously you will start finding answers to every questions you have.