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I don't know why I am always in a sex-hungry mode. I know that there are a variety of things to do in life, but some how I am addicted to reading sexual stories. After reading a lot of sexual stories I've started judging people in a sexual manner. How do I avoid this?

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Pornography is an addiction and a lot of people are addicted to it. It is still better than being in drugs or alcohol.

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Whatever you read will remain in your mind. The more sex stories you read, the more you will start imagining it in real life also. The problem is that the stories are not based on real life and real-life situations/experiences are very different. This will put you in a different world around people.

What things have you tried so far to deal with this issue?

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I only want to leave reading sex stories , imagination of sex stories,
Tell me the things to follow
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Would you like to try going outside the house during the time you normally read.

1) Go for a long walk outside until you become fully tired.

2) Also, go to friend's place and spend lot of time there.

I would recommend that you do this for one month and see if you get any changes. What do you think?
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I will try this dude
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